Church - Come and be a part of our Church

What sort of church are we?

Our desire is to model missional church, following Jesus’ example of church that has an outward focus.

We are a bible based church and we believe in partnership and relational networking with other local churches for a unity of mission.

5 cultures for KHCCC

As a church, these 5 things are really important to us:-

Following Jesus' example and priorities - Luke 4 v.18, Matthew 5 v.3-16, Matt. 22 v.37-39, Matt. 28 v.16-20, Mk 16 v.15-18, Acts 1 v.8

Reaching out to marginalized people and local communities - Luke 14 v.21-23, Matt. 25 v.35-40

Inclusion and creating opportunities for everyone to contribute - I Corinthians 12 v.12 – 27, Ephesians 2 v.19

Giving expression to the diversity and plurality of gifts of the Holy Spirit - Ephesians 4 v. 11-12, Romans 12 v.3-8, 1 Corinthians 12 v.1-11, 1 Corinthians 14

Encouraging people towards a lifestyle of close personal relationship with Jesus - John Ch. 14, 15, 16

Healing Rooms

Visit Kingsley Hall Conservatory, no appointment needed or email

Our teams use a Christian model of healing & are trained to work with gentleness & sensitivity and welcome people of all faiths, traditions & backgrounds.

Visits are confidential & conducted with good practice.

Kingsley Hall facilitates a wide range of inclusive community activities throughout the whole week.

We partner with all local people and specifically people from a background of disadvantage and disability and in partnership with other community groups and organisations.

At the heart of our work is a dynamic faith community seeking to create exciting and varied fresh expressions of church. We would love you to visit and you could email one of our community pastors if you’d like to find out more.

We offer LIVEWELL life coaching and skills for life and work. Most sessions and training are free. Contact is on to find out more.

Visit our delicious and affordable community café at Kingsley Hall. We are currently open Mondays to Thursdays 9am-2pm.

We are always offering promotions and extra discounts from our menu below and we also provide catering for all of your function needs.

We dream of being involved in restoring, rebuilding and reviving people and places, to make the community livable again. The Message Isaiah 58

Our House

Everything free.

Free refreshments.

Pop in for a chat, meet new people.

Eden Tree Catering

Chef Fresh Lifestyle Ready Meals for home & on the go. Our Executive Chef & culinary team prepare your meals at our Eden Tree kitchen using fresh healthy ingredients and exciting techniques to create a W1 dining experience wherever you are.

FREE Stay & Play for your child to play and get to know others. All children aged 5 years & under are welcomed. Dellicious, affordable meals available in our Eden Tree Cafe.